November 30, 2023

As the cold weather sets in, our hearts warm up with the memories of cozy winter nights. Wrapped in soft and comfy clothes, we sit by the fireplace with our loved ones, sipping hot cocoa, watching holiday movies, and enjoying each other’s company. It’s the time of year we look forward to the most—to reconnect with those who matter the most. This winter, let’s make sure we’re not only warm and comfy but also stylish and cute. Take a look at this season’s styles and see if you have something similar in your closet. And if not, don’t worry; there are still plenty of holiday deals to take advantage of. So let’s cherish the warmth of this season and make the most of every moment spent with the ones we love.

Wow, it’s that time of year again! This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on trendy pieces and timeless staples. And the deals, oh my! It’s hard to navigate through all of them, but don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Let’s break down where to find the best holiday style and the deals you should be on the lookout for.

Black Friday came early this year, and the deals were insane! But did you know that some stores offered deals even before the big day? It’s all a strategy, but hey, we’re not complaining! My advice for snagging the best deals is to purchase popular items a bit early or wait until Cyber Monday. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on those must-have items.

But don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the deals; there are still some happening, but they’re ending soon. However, this means we can expect new stock to come out soon! Keep an eye out for new styles hitting the racks, and be the trendsetter that you are. And if you’re looking for deals on new items, watch out for flash sales.

Exciting news! I’m offering a special deal for the month of December. If you purchase a shopping spree package, you’ll receive $100 off the Cherish Your Closet Package or a whopping $175 off the Wardrobe Transformation Package. That’s 50% off either package! Don’t wait too long to book your session; this deal is only valid until Christmas. Get ready to have your new clothes styled and your closet transformed. Let’s make this holiday season one to remember!

Now on to what you really came for in fashion. The items I chose to share are so classy and chic that you will definitely be turning heads!

A red dress is the holiday go-to, and you can enjoy it even on Valentine’s Day. This red dress at Jluxlabel is so sexy for a price of $69.99. This dress will be the talked-about look at the office party, the friend’s holiday get-together, and the date with your love. No matter where you go in this, all eyes will be on you. Show off that sexy body while still being classy. Just copy and post this link to get it in a variety of colors. If you need help on how to fix yourself up for this dress, from accessories to hair, message me.

I want this dress! Micas always has cute items with some edge. I wish they had plus sizes. The reason this dress is so different is because of the buttons. The metal silver buttons all the way down, along with the pocket flaps, bring it to a whole new level. I love the classic rib knit that is a winter staple, but with all the extra detail, this could be casual if you throw on some gym shoes with a ball cap and a jean jacket and are totally chill, or if you had the right booties and some multi-strand chain or large chain necklace, you could dress this up for a night out. If you don’t unbutton it too much and it’s not too tight, you could wear this at a casual office. Don’t wait on this; at a price of $38.00, you can’t pass it up. If you need help with finding the right chain and shoes, I’m here for you. Go to this link and get it now

I mentioned it in my last blog, and I’m sharing it again because it is still hot. This gold skirt, with its light flowiness, is great for all occasions. Dress up, dress down, paries, date night, office, its so versatile. With a simple black top and some gold jewelry, you will be starred at the whole time you are wearing it. At Zara, for $45.90, you need to run for it. It does have a matching top, but I would pair that with something else. The top just isn’t my favorite, but if I put it with something else and styled it up, you would have a good look for that too. I can help you style the items apart and even together. If you have an eye for fashion, you can style anything.  They are not sold together but here is the link for the skirt and then you can see the top

I used to hate turtlenecks, but now I really like them. They give off a look of class and refinement. No matter where I see them, when I look at the top or dress, I think it looks professional and fancy. This top in particular has some extra flare to it, which I love. The cabling of the sweater is styled so well and really stands out in the best ways possible. The puff sleeves are the biggest new style that I love to see on tops. There are two types of turtle necks: one is the single layer that just raises up the neck and stops, and the other is the kind that is long and folds over. Now the cowl neck is still going strong, and its still really comfy. If you are not ready to go closer around the throat, the cowl neck is still an option, and you can work your way to the regular turtle neck. I don’t want to forget about this color. This is normally a spring color, but I have seen it a lot this fall, and it is definitely carrying over to winter, so I am going to pull my Kelly Green pants back out. If you need help matching this color to your winter colors or styles, I’ve got your back.You can find this at Loft for $41.97 on sale, but I don’t know how long the sale will last.

I absolutely love Xpluswear, and the sizes are great, but this coat is the sexiest peacoat. The blazer style and bright white are things I need in my closet. This jacket is a piece of clothing everyone needs in their closet. Statement coats are so popular right now, and though this may not seem like its making a statement, it really is saying professional, classy, sexy, fancy, stylish, chic, and so much more. You could wear this for a fancy night out, a formal event, or if you want to dress up and spin around your house. Don’t think you can only wear this formal; you can totally dress up some jeans and throw this on for lunch or dinner. If you wear this to the office, all the ladies will be coming up to you to ask you where you got it. Be careful, because before you know it, everyone will be wearing it. At a sale price of $54.99, this is a great option for your extra winter jacket. Everyone needs to have at least one peacoat in their closet, and everyone needs a formal coat to wear in many different ways. If you do get this, send me a picture of how sexy you look, and I will share with everyone how on fire you are! Here is the link:

Last but not least is a great suit. Neutrals are really the color you are seeing in stores. A tan suit can be worn all year and looks amazing on everyone. The double-breasted blazer is not something you normally see for women. It normally comes out boxy and too loose, but this comes in at the waist and gives some shape, and that is something a woman needs in a suit. If you are wearing a suit that has a big jacket and big pants, then you are going to not only look larger, but you could even look like you are baggy and not styled properly. If I wear larger pants, like a wide leg, I make sure my jacket is fitted. If I wear a loose blazer, I will be wearing fitted pants. You need something to fit your body, or you will look like you are in a men’s suit. You can always separate the items and use them with other things, which makes it even better. It will go with any color and style; if you need some styling ideas, just message me. I can help you create so many outfits with just these two pieces. You will be surprised at how you can make it look right for a ball game all the way to a night at the theater. If you aren’t feeling the tan color, there are a ton of other colors, even bubble gum pink. The bubble gum pink is calling to me. Amazon has been getting better and better. I have been able to find more items that I like. Now there is still plenty that I couldn’t imagine for anyone, but you just have to dig a little deeper to find the right stuff. For the price of $56.99, I feel like this is a good price and definitely worth a buy, maybe in two colors. It only goes to 2xl, which on Amazon could be a large, so make sure to measure your body and check the sizes closely. Here is the link you can go to:

These are good examples of the great looks of winter. Once the new items drop, I will start preparing another news letter. I don’t expect a huge shift in styles, but I think there will be some really good items coming. Whatever you do, keep an eye out for those flash sales. Look through all of the stores above, and some other stores I think are good to shop at are Eloquii, H&M, Fashion Nova, which always has great deals on some stylish items, Forever 21, Aliexpress, which has some cute options, Nordstrom, and City Chic, which have some things, but you really have to search for some standout items.

If you want to know about more winter fashion and if you want me to go through your closet and create some amazing winter outfits with what you have, reach out to me.

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