May 29, 2023

Why I Decided To Write A BookWhy I Decided To Write A Book

I’m a very creative person, so my imagination is always going full of ideas. Even as a child my imagination flourished and I would have all these great adventures with the white knight saving the princess and the women super hero kicking butt were just a couple of the things I would play pretend. When I went to Middle school  and High school I auditioned and got into the preforming arts school across town. I was accepted for theater. Later I took dance and videography. I led a lot of the productions for our schools morning announcements. In college I considered continuing my love for being behind the camera but life took a different path. We all know how that is. Even still in college I enjoyed my creative writing classes, though I am terrible at grammar and spelling, getting to be creative again was refreshing. 

A couple years into college I met my husband. Skip to a few years later we now had two children and I was a stay at home mom. It was not my plan but I had some medical issues such as chronic pain that kept me from working. I decided to keep my sanity with my husband traveling all the time and having two young children I would start creating again. I did some little crafts with my daughter to start but I decided I needed more so I took on things like sewing, crafting projects that I could decorate with and more. I did keep up with many crafts but I also kept up with writing. Little things on the side nothing I wanted to show anyone just getting the ideas out of me. I got lots of inspiration from dreams. I have kept a journal off and on over the years just to get the hand to paper feeling. I continued my crafting but I didn’t focus on writing because I was too scared to show anyone. I was worried of being judged for my english skills. I also didn’t feel like my word knowledge was large enough to write descriptively. So I continued on with the easy stuff. 

Several years past and we moved from Ohio to Kentucky and while we were building a house we stayed in an apartment. Unbeknownst to us the garage we had put some of our belongings in to store had a leak. Our house was finished being built and we hired a moving truck to help us. As we were loading the moving truck we discovered the leak and our wet belongings. I was so freaked out. We had to throw a lot of things out that day. Somethings we could tell had water damage but we didn’t know  how bad the damage was so we took them to the new house to be gone through. We unpacked our house and I was tossing things left and right. I was terrified to go through. the boxes of memories. I had tons of things from the kids growing up and some things from me growing up. Plus I had special family items my mother had given me. It was time to go through it all and there was so much mold. I just started crying. Christmas ornaments from my childhood from different family members that could not be replaced were destroyed. Baby items of the kids were still wet and stunk of mold.  I came across important papers of mine including a special story I wrote in college about my daughter I want to give to her someday when she got older and all of my special writings that I loved in a terrible state you couldn’t even read them. I was distraught and still to this day it hurts.

After that I decided to take a break from writing and after awhile I lost total desire to write. I felt like I couldn’t even come up with ideas. Time passed by and after a few years I decided to start a book club in out neighborhood. As I started reading more the ideas started flowing again. I decided to start writing again but still had no plan to show anyone. I wrote a little here and there but didn’t really put effort into it just goofing around. A few more years went by and we are now to the present. One day I’m scrolling through social media, I am looking at everyone’s pictures on Facebook and I stopped at this person I had never seen before and saw her post were she stated she was writing a book with the help from and Academy and that she could help others write a book too. I got goose bumps! I thought this can’t be true, there has to be a catch and I almost scrolled on, but something inside of me said just message her and ask her what it’s about. I sent her a message and as I starred at it I thought this is pointless. Then her messaged popped up and I got super excited, we messaged back and forth and I asked a bunch of questions. She told me she could connect me with the leader of this academy to learn more about it. I was beyond excited, but there was still a part of me that didn’t believe it. I got the information of the women at the academy and set up a meeting with her. I didn’t tell my husband, I always tell my husband stuff, but I didn’t want to say anything if it was all fake. 

I spoke with the woman from the academy and I don’t even remember the questions I asked her. It was real! I couldn’t believe it and after we got off the call I was giddy. Now I had to figure out how to tell my husband about it. There was a fee and It we don’t have a lot of money to drop out of no where. I had done some MLMs in the past and one recently that we lost thousands to so I didn’t know I was going to convince him about this. My husband is still the one who works. He has always said it is our money, but I always talk with him about everything so we can make decisions together and this was a big decision. I came up with some statements that I thought sounded good and went to him. I slowly started with “i found out about this thing. and I want to tell you about it.” I listed off a couple of things but he wasn’t responding. I finally said ” Never mind it’s no big deal.” I was crushed. He kept on playing his video game. I started getting up out of my chair to leave the room and he said “Do it.” I was shocked for a second and then I said “Really! Why?” He looked at me and said “I know you have always wanted to write a  book and I know you can do it, but you really have to do it if we are putting money into it.” I started crying and hugged him and all I could think about was that I was going to be an author! 

I instantly had ideas, but two really caught me. I spoke with the women again. I asked a bunch more questions and then I signed up. Thank god there is a payment plan because I was scared about spending money on another adventure of mine. Like I said I have sent lots of money in the past trying to find my way. Plus I have a whole room filled with I can’t even count how many thousands of dollars in crafts. We had just made some large financial plans so having the payment plan made me feel ok. Now it was time to get committed!       

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