About Me


Hi there, I’m Sara!  Fashion has always been something that has been important to me. When I was in high school, I chose to wear eclectic items that I could style to be modern, and I loved to be different. After I had my second child, I gained a ton of weight. I was super self-conscious and was very uncomfortable with the way I looked. What made it worse was that when I went out into the world, all I could find for a plus size was baggy and looked like something my grandma would wear. I was depressed and didn’t want to go out. 

I worked on my health and lost a ton of weight, and when I started shopping again, all I found in the average size was stuff my teenage daughter would wear. Then my back went out again, and I was bedridden again. I gained all of the weight back, but this time I decided to not hide, and instead I started researching companies online to shop for clothes. I also found a couple local stores that had cute things. Now I need to dress nicely, and I had no idea where to find stylish business wear and fancy clothes. This time I worked even harder at finding things that showed what I wanted to show off and hid what I diid not. I was going through this time of restyling. I discovered a style that fit my own personality. I was able to customize my look and it felt amazing!

That was when I realized how hard it is for women to find anything to wear, especially corporate and event styles, and I knew I could help. I took a ton of classes and seminars to update myself on the fashion world. I decided to start my own company to guide women of any size to find their own personal style. Plus, I wanted to give them options on where to shop. Something I found extra important was being able to make different outfits out of different pieces. I loved creating new looks from all of the clothes I had bought over the years. I knew that helping women with their closet was even more important than buying clothes. I decided to start this business to help guide women into finding their own personal style that makes them feel bold, chic, and glamorous in whatever their style is. As women, you need to feel refreshed and show who you are. Beauty and fashion are powerful tools that can change your life by showing your self-expression and confidence, ultimately leading to a more successful life.

We each have our own best look, waiting for us to discover it. The combination of hair, makeup, and clothing that makes you look and feel beautiful Mine is this: purple hair (or green or blue), big lashes, hats, chic, stylish dresses, and fabulous shoes. What’s yours? Let’s discover it together!

Let me take you on a transformative fashion and beauty journey, and let me be your trusted partner in discovering and embracing your true style potential. I will help you love your body and life again!

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes!"

~Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs~

SPEAKING AND VENDOR OPPORTUNITIES I public speak on topics such as "How Fashion Can Change Your Life', "How People Judge Us When They First See Us, corporate styling wearing what is appropriate for the office called "Mastering Your Professional Wardrobe," and so much more. I can also provide a vendor position at your events. Please email me at Sara@sararivman.com to discuss corporate opportunity