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Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have scheduled I will send you an email with a document for you to fill out and email back to me before our session. If you are having a skincare session you will need to have all of your skincare with you. The same goes for makeup. For fashion you will need so many items of clothing you wish to discuss.

I can do as many sessions as you need to develop what things you need to know but I hope to teach you enough that you will be able to do it on your own.

Yes! I do most of my sessions virtually for those who are far away or those who would like a little more privacy. Though I am happy to come to you and give you a even more personal experience, at no extra charge. 

Absolutely , if you have a couple small questions I am happy to answer anytime. We can discuss what you really need to learn. 

I have not only worked in the field doing these different things, but I and constantly studying up what is trending and popular from various different techniques and styles.

The items I advise are things I have personally tried, have studied up on, or have been advised on by others in the field. I will help you find what you really need and  want based on your budget.  I want to choose items that are easily accessible to everyone.

Yes! I am able to help anyone. I have worked with other makeup artists of color who have helped me find companies that have the best products with variety of shades. 

Yes! I keep up on styling and sizing from a variety of manufacturer. It doesn’t matter what age you are because we are dressing you for how you want to look  and gives you the most confidence. I want to make you feel comfortable. Age is just a number but beauty is timeless.