Sara Rivman

"Elegance is the only Beauty that never fades!" ~Audrey Hepburn~

What is an

Image Consultant?

I’m passionate about helping women find their authentic style that makes them feel confident and powerful. I focus on helping every shape and size when your body has changed, when you want to make a change in your life, and when you are in the professional world and need to know what is right for your career. I specialize in every situation. It would be my pleasure to lead you through a personal fashion and beauty transformation. 

You will find articles about tips and advice on products, stores, styling, and so much more. This is where you will hear all the important news and updates in the fashion and beauty world. Plus, keep an eye out for inside details on other projects that I am pursuing. Don’t miss special events coming soon.

I’m not only about providing services; I’m also about creating a community of people who want to grow and learn more about beauty and fashion. My clients are my family! I want to be a place that people can come to to ask questions and get help, not just from me but from other friends and family. We can all be our best selves!

Nuporium is a charity I founded where we believe every woman should feel beautiful. At Nuporium, we provide an opportunity for women and teen girls to renew themselves through a shopping and styling experience. We want to empower and uplift them to help boost their confidence and enhance their lives. 

Bold Work Look

Tab #1

Strike a pose with a powerful look in a bright pink jumpsuit with a tie belt and lapels. Don’t forget the bold stone necklace that sparkles.